Foreign Agencies on December 23rd, 1996

Serbian President Stages Rallies, Coerces `Loyalists' to Support Him
By John Pomfret
Washington Post Foreign Service
Monday, December 23 1996; Page A16
The Washington Post

KRAGUJEVAC, Yugoslavia
Milosevic's latest propaganda effort also included statements he made Tuesday to a group of students who had marched 140 miles to meet him. Milosevic claimed that the demonstrations denouncing him had been masterminded by foreign powers.
During his meeting with the students, Milosevic made a revealing statement on his view of the protests. According to the official translation issued by the state-run Tanjug news agency, Milosevic said, "Serbia will not be ruled by foreign hands."

But what the president actually said was that "Serbia will not be ruled by another hand."

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