Foreign Agencies on November 28th, 1996

Thursday November 28 3:15 PM EST
Tension Mounts in Serbia as Protests Roll On

University students, who began a strike this week in Belgrade faculties, started another day of marches at midday on Thursday. A larger opposition demonstration was due later. There was a carnival atmosphere among the students as they made their way through the city, beating drums and singing. A group of young women gave traffic police flowers which were accepted with a smile. "Bravo, kids, just go ahead," said one of the policemen.

The Washington Post
Thursday, November 28 1996; Page A41
Serbs Shun Vote Rerun Amid Strife
Protests Continue Against Milosevic
By John Pomfret

In response, students and other marchers smashed plate glass windows with rocks and eggs and hurled a dumpster packed with trash into the lobby of the Politika television and newspaper building, a symbol of Milosevic's regime. Hundreds of riot police blocked the protesters from marching through Belgrade's tony Dedinje neighborhood, where Milosevic lives.

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