Foreign Agencies on January 30th, 1997

Spirit of Belgrade protesters still strong
January 30, 1997
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BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (CNN)
Earlier Thursday, 15,000 students marched to the train station where they urged rail workers to join them. Although many of the workers are sympathetic to the protesters' cause, few are willing to leave their jobs.

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Serbian Students March Through Center of Belgrade
Thursday, January 30 1997; Page A14
The Washington Post

Thousands of Serbian students tied up downtown Belgrade unhindered by police today as demonstrators grew bolder in the 11th week of democracy protests across Serbia.

An estimated 20,000 students packed into Slavija Square late in the morning, halting traffic in the heart of the city. They then marched for two hours, past the offices of state television and the state-run newspaper Politika, blowing whistles and shouting: "Join us."

There were no riot police in evidence and traffic police made no effort to intervene. The Socialist government has been more lenient in its dealings with the students, who say they support democracy but are apolitical, than with the opposition coalition known as Together.

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