News for March 8th, 1997

A police cordon placed a few hundred meters from the stadium of the Yugoslav Army. Hinged a big procession of Belgrade students from approaching this stadium at which the 106th derby of Partisan and Red Star is being played. The cordon was placed next to the Red Star stadium, which is near the Yugoslav Army stadium. The students intend on greeting the holding of the 106th derby and show that there is no division between the students, that is that the students support Partisan or Red Star are both united in their protest. The students were addressed by Dragan Nikitovic, the former journalist of the Radio-Television, at the Plato.

The Student Alliance of Belgrade asked that classes return to normal on Monday March 10 in order for the status of the student to be protected. The statement of the Alliance demands that all students be freed of the second payment of the tuition, regardless of their status at the school and that those who paid the tuition for the whole year be refunded half, "in order to protect the standard, having in mind the recent events and the hard financial position of the students". The announcement states the demands that all students be freed from exam and late exam fees and that the students decide on the dates for the takeing of the exams. "We hope that the school administrations, headed by our Deans, will support us in our demands and in so doing help us students and the small budgets of our parents" it is said in the statement.

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