News for December 9th, 1996

The Treatment of Bulatovic Shows the Sharpening of Milosevic's Actions - Today's American press gave detailed information about Dejan Bulatovic, the young demonstrator from Sid, who had been brutally beaten by the police and convinced to 25 days of solitary confinement. The treatment of Bulatovic could be the sign of the sharpening of Milosevic's attitude towards the demonstrators, stated the WAshington Times.

The situation in Serbia was also mentioned on today's press conference at the headquarters of the European Committee in Brussels. Niko Vekter, one of the spokespersons for the Committee, stated that the European Committee insists on democratic resolution of the problem in Serbia, and that Yugoslavia will not be allowed nay trade benefits until the present situation is solved in a democratic manner. The spokesperson added tat the European Community and it's members are trying to find a democratic solution for the crises concerning the regime and opposition.

Some 25,000 of citizens of Nis walked the streets of their city after the gathering at the Liberty Square in the center of the town. They stopped in front of the building of the government controlled City TV station and threw firecrackers at it in protest of their manner of informing of the public.

Milan Ilic, a member of the Zajedno coalition from Pirot stated that the protest gatherings in this town will continue until December 23, the day scheduled for the Constitutional Session of the City Parliament of Pirot. The protests will be continued after that date if the mandates won by the coalition on the elections of November 17 are not recognized.

Some 4,000 students of the University of Nis gathered today in front of the School of Medicine and held a protest walk through the city, stated the Initiative Board of the Student Protest of Nis. The students of Nis also sent an open letter to the Republic Minster of Justice, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Slobodan Milosevic, President of the Republic of Serbia, in which they said "Your disgrace considering the crimes against the student Dejan Bulatovic, can only be understood as collaboration in their execution." The students of Nis scheduled another protest walk for tomorrow at 2 o'clock.

Zoran Djindjic, president of the Democratic Party, stated in today's interview for Radio B-92 that the oppositional coalition Zajedno will not agree to any new local elections. He announced the boycott of the work of the Parliament. he also stated that the opposition can participate in the elections only under the condition that absolute independence and objectivity of the state controlled media is achieved. An agreement considering the electoral law has been achieved and guarantees have been given that the electoral results will be recognized, stated Djindjic.

JUL (Yugoslav Unified Left) Against the Terrorism of the Zajedno Coalition - The City Board of JUL for Belgrade condemned the Zajedno coalition for its actions "perceived thought the street demonstrations, violence terrorism and endangering of the security of the citizens. The consequence of protesting in this manner is damage of property, damaging of the image of the country and disruption of manufacturing processes".

The representatives of the "Zajedno" coalition will not participate in the work of Federal Parliament until the results of the second round of municipal elections on 17th November have been recognized, stated Goran Vesic, the secretary of the Democratic party.

Ms. Elizabeth Renn, the special envoy of UN for human rights in former Yugoslavia, sent a letter to President Slobodan Milosevic, in which she expressed her serious concern over the violation of the freedom of media in Serbia and over the statement of Dragan Tomic, President of Serbian Parliament, in which he said that the demonstrators were "fascists". She also demanded the information about "the arrest of tens of demonstrators, as well as about the reasons of their being sentenced to prison".

Vojin Dimitrijevic, professor at the Law School in Belgrade stated today that the decision about the annulment of the second round of municipal elections in Serbia is "illicit and contrary to the Constitution even for the laymen" and that it represents "the lowering of the reputation of judges and of the whole legal system". He concluded that the annulment of the elections is not only a question of law and democracy, but also "a violation of moral, professional and human integrity of all judges and lawyers, who are merely in the service of the regime."

The Board of the Student Protest in Nis demanded of Slobodan Milosevic, President of Serbia, to punish those who are responsible for "the crime" committed against Dejan Bulatovic, the student who had been arrested and beaten for carrying a puppet representing President of Serbia during the protest of the opposition in Belgrade. "Your remaining silent about this beastly and loathsome crime can only be understood as participating in the committing of this crime", reads the public letter addressed to President of Serbia.

Slobodan Milosevic, President of Serbia, said today that the project of constructing the transyugoslav highway will greatly contribute to our economic development, report the Belgrade media.

Duska Markovic, the Secretary of the Association of Drama Artists of Serbia, stated that significant theaters in Belgrade would not give performances on Tuesday, which is a sign of protest against "violation of freedom of speech" and of solidarity with the Student Protest.

Warren Christopher, American Secretary of State, demanded again today of Slobodan Milosevic, President of Serbia, to start a dialogue with the opposition. "The American Administration does not exclude the possibility of imposing the sanctions against Serbia again", stated Christopher for the reporters, before the today's meeting of the heads of diplomacies of NATO in Brussels.

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