News for March 18th, 1997

Approximately thirty members of the Council of the University in Belgrade signed a document nominating the academician Milan Kurepa for the new president of this institution. Those who signed the proposal, in the explanation to the Council state that it would be justified, if the basic principles of democracy are respected, to elect the president among the delegates of the University in Belgrade, and not like in the two previous convocations, from the Serbian Government. The explanation also cites that the academician Kurepa has, as a full professor of the School of Physics in Belgrade, contributed a great deal to the education of new generations of physicist and received international aclamation as a scientist and experimentator, FoNet reports.

The Belgrade students presented the mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Djindjic in the building of the City Assembly of Belgrade, during their today's walk, with an icon Sveta Trojerucica, a gift of the Hilandar monastary. The mayor answered the reporters' question about his feelings about this gesture of the students, that he considers it to be symbolic, alike all other actions of the Student Protest, but that the icon, which was placed in the cabinet of the President of the Assembly, will remind all those who come that this assembly is a place that will cherish spirituality, and stimulate culture and art.

The representatives of the Serbian opposition have condemned the announcement of the limitation of the broadcasting range of the BK Television today, while the representatives of the leading coalition are inviting to a dialogue of the officials of the government and this Belgrade television. BK Television, as of tomorrow, will not be seen south of Belgrade, since the Main Office of the Serbian Postal Service, traffic department, has discontinued the use of the transmitting system of the radio-relay link Avala-Jastrebac, it was announced by the BK Television.

Svetozar Krstic, Chief of the MP Group of the New Democracy in the Serbian Parliament, said tonight at the second parliamentary panel about the draft of the Information Law that he is opposed to the special notification of the media which receive financial aid from abroad. The participants in the panel discussion, as on the previous one, which was organized on March 13th, are the representatives of the Socialist Party of Serbia, New Democracy, Democratic Community of the Hungarians from Vojvodina, and of the representative group "December 1st", formed by four former members of the Serbian Radical Party and one of the Democratic Party. If the regulation about the notification of such media remains in the text of the law, then the media that are being aided by the state, those financed by the tax-payers' money, should also be marked, Krstic said.

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