Belgrade, December 24, 1996
8.00 pm

The Information Service of the Student Protest 96 received from prim. MD. Slobodan Ivanovic, president of the private clinic "Anlave" a report of the condition of the persons who received medical treatment.

The report states that prof. Bogdan Belesnin from the Medical School is in the worst condition, who was received injuries on his arms and head. Professor Belesnin has a cut 10cm long on the back of his head.

Eight students also received medical attention, of whom five have injuries of the head and upper extremities and three have lower-leg and foot injuries. In worst condition are a female student, who received a "bong on the head", and a student believed to be a reporter for Radio Index who has serious head injuries.

Ivanovic also said that there was a number of citizens and students who asked for medical attention for respiratory problems and eye irritation. There was also a number of actors and public figures who collapsed and were given medical attention in the National Theatre.

Three special-forces officers also needed attention, two of them had lower-leg injuries and one had arm injuries.

For the Information Service
of the Student Protest 96
Bojan Bogdanovic

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