Police harassment for carrying Milosevic's effigy
Belgrade Dec.8 (Beta agency)

Dejan Bulatovic (21) from Sid was arrested on the night of Dec. 6th and severely beaten in the Belgrade City police headquarters. The reason for his apprehension was carrying the dummy of Slobodan Milosevic dressed in convict's uniform during the anti-government demonstrations organized by coalition "Zajedno" in Belgrade. This was announced by his attorneys at the press conference.

They also said that he had suffered a broken nose and severe chest injuries. "The policemen themselves called an ambulance to check his condition and to see whether he will survive the beating which shows how serious the situation is" said Nikola Barovic, one of his lawyers.

Mr. Barovic added that Dejan Bulatovic (member of Serbian Renewal Movement) has been suffering from asthma, which had been the reason for his exemption from the army. His lawyers appealed to the Justice Department to urge for Bulatovic's transfer from prison to the Belgrade medical center. Another one of his lawyers, Milan Vukovic says to the press that Bulatovic is serving a 25 day sentence in prison Padinska Skela for "disturbing the peace".

The youth's mother, Jelica Bulatovic said to the press, that she had been allowed to see him in prison, and found him lying on the cold cell floor, completely naked. Bulatovic has been arrested on Dec. 6th near the "Beograd" F.C. stadium. He was completely alone, on his way home, when the police took him to the station, where, according to his mother, he had been physically and mentally molested. Her visit to the prison lasted only about half an hour, and Dejan complained about strong back and head pain.

Dejan Bulatovic said that while he was lying on the floor, policemen had kicked and insulted him, sexually molested him by putting police club in his anus, and put a gun in his mouth and threatening to shoot. He said that he had been given newspapers from 1989 to read. According to his mother, he is now in the cell with no heating and the windows in the cell are kept open.

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