This is the first posting by Miss Ljiljana Milic (kali@sezampro.yu) on SezamPro (on-line system) after she was released from hospital...

Thanks to all who sent me nice, dear and warm messages, who came to visit me, called or thought of me. I will have to "answer" you all _together_ (Zajedno), and I will answer the individual messages as soon as possible.


Well, you could call it a "close encounter of another kind" ;)))

On Friday December 27 '96 around 5 pm, I took part in the illegal act of overstepping and misuse of the right to use the pedestrian cross-walk on Terazije, between the "Moscow" and "Balkan" hotels, together with about 50 inadmissibly joyful profascist-oriented traitors.

The incriminating act was perpetrated by multiple actions of crosswalk utilization during the duration of the green traffic light. While performing the described act I (and everybody around me) moved in an illegal fashion - by jumping.

The aggravating circumstance was that during the act I used a very dangerous weapon - a whistle and created health and life threatening noises, and also shouted the insulting and hideous slogan "Green, green!". I showed special cruelty by standing on the sidewalk during the red light, and not in the street.

Since the execution of the previously mentioned crime against the human race permanently endangered the safety of lives and property and the security of the state (and wider) borders, in an organized group, the forces of law and order, present in a humble number (of a few hundreds) started the execution of their constitutional and legal authorized actions. Acting in accordance with the law and regulations of the service (RS), through quick and effective action they stopped the further carrying out of the described action against humanity. Immediately afterwards, according to the legal, humanitarian and ethical principles, fully S.M. approved "Notice & Apprehend & Judge & Send to the Serving of the Sentence (in Prison and/or Hospital)" adopted in our country, they moved to the judging and automatic enforcing of the legal penalties.

The forces of law and order enforced the punishment in the spirit of the historical-ethical examples, i.e. in RS regulated groups (threes), even though there were cases of morally inadmissible deviations in the form of fives. There was no discrimination concerning the sex, age or physical condition of the individual perpetrators and/or accomplices (i.e. their protectors who looked on with approval, standing in the immediate vicinity of the location of the crime).

The just and legal punishment I was sentenced to was executed by the authorized representatives of the law and order, as well as by bystanders who were incidentally also in RS formations who used "accidentally" found blunt objects of different origin. I must apologize for not paying close attention to the execution of my accomplices, which was influenced partially by objective and partially by subjective reasons.

After serving my sentence and getting up from the ground, I am ashamed to say that only with the help of my friends from Sezam, I went to the offices of the Democratic Party so that I could continue with provoking the forces of law and order in the emergency medical center. An additional incriminating circumstance was the fact that I continued the identical provocations in the Trauma Center trying to explain my stamped documents of my served sentence as something completely different to the surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedics, roentgenologists and urologists. Of course, I only latter understood my mistake, so I came to, together with about 20 other sinners who were at the Trauma Center with the intent of committing the same crime. It happened that some of us fell unconscious time and again in the next few hours.

I hope that I, as well as all the other potential consumers of the services of the forces of law and order, will be more conscious and reliable in future.

Friendly greetings,

By the way, when the police cordon anchored between Balkan and Moskva hotels, suddenly started to beat people in front of Balkan, we watched it from the area in front of Hotel Moskva for a few seconds before we started to panic and flee. As I didn't want to run immediately, but tried to calm the people around me to retreat slowly, it happened that when I started running I received a few strong blows on the back, arm and leg and fell to the ground. While I was trying to rise another woman fell over me, whom they started beating. When they finished with her, they first concentrated on the boy who helped her up, and then on me also. At this time I received a kick in the head, after which I remember little until the moment someone picked me up and pushed me in the direction of the park. I saw everything through a mist and in slow motion, but I could see groups of creeps gathered around people lying on the ground. One of these creeps saw me and headed towards me, and I noticed it was a man in uniform with his protective mask up and club raised in his left hand. When he was a few meters away I turned the cheek which hurt very much, and he stopped and let me pass by him. I don't know wether the fact that I said "Wasn't this enough?" had any influence, or the sight of my face was sufficient. When I reached the park I found my friends from Sezam who picked me up and took me to the Democratic Party. I will describe the adventures from the Trauma Center, where our gathering continued, another time. In any case, concussions, rib fractures, knee and arm swellings and blood in the urine are frequent occurrences in this institution. According to the experience of the doctors, the location and causes and inflictors of the injuries do not need to be specified these days - they dictate them without our help: demonstrations, blunt objects and officers of the Ministry of Interior.

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