The Protest Board of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Press Release No.1

The Assembly of the students of mathematics was attended by over 300 students, as well as by the professors, the Dean and the Vice-Dean. They expressed their support for the three demands of the Student Protest and the students' demands concerning lectures. An appeal was made to the students to persist in their demands and to join in the protest more actively.

It was confirmed that lectures would not be held until the students' demands have been fulfilled, whereas prof. Desa Radunovic PhD, the Vice-Dean, read the plan of compensating for the lectures missed during the protest; the plan will be realized after the protest has finished. The examination period for advanced students will be held as usual.

The long term activities of the professors and students towards the establishment of the autonomy of the University were mentioned. It was also suggested that all those members of the University Council who had refused to fulfill the students' demands should resign.

In the joint session of the Council and the students of the School of Biology, professor Ivica Rajovic, the Dean, gave his report of the sessions of the Scientific-educational Council and the Council of Belgrade University and of his own position in these sessions, which was acclaimed.

The decisions of the Scientific-educational Council of the School of Biology made on 6th December 1996 and 10th January 1997 were confirmed: the lectures are postponed, and the professors back the demands of their students and the methods of their realization.

Student assemblies were held at the Schools of Chemistry and Physics, and similar conclusions were reached.

The Protest Board of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has condemned the hypocrisy of the University Council members, who publicly voted in favor of the students' demands, whereas they refused to dismiss the Chancellor and the Student Vice-Chancellor by secret voting. We demand urgent re-examination of the Council's decision in order that the Student Protest should end as soon as possible. We stress that it will not end until all the demands, which include the resignation or the dismissal of Chancellor Velickovic, are completely fulfilled.

The Protest Board appeals to the students of all schools of mathematics and natural sciences, as well as of the Schools of Transportation, Agriculture, Forestry and the School of Geology and Mining, to attend the Assembly at the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at 13:00 on January 19, with the following agenda:

  1. Students' attitude towards the session of the University Council and its decisions,
  2. suggestions for future protest activities at the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,
  3. current issues.

The Information Service of the Protest Board at the School of Mathematics and natural Sciences

Miroslav Hristodulo

Belgrade, 22nd January 1997

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