The Protest Board of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Press Release No.8

The Council of Deans, members of the Science-Teaching Council and the directors of the institutes of the University in Belgrade came to the following conclusions regarding the situation at the University, at the meeting held yesterday, February 6, 1997:

  1. The Council condemns the bursting of the members of the ministry of internal affairs into the School of Philosophy and the beating and arresting of students, the beating of professors of the university, as well as the police violence against the citizens in general. Through these actions, of which some were repeated on February 4, the law which guarantees the autonomy of the university, was severely broken.

  2. The Council demands that the persons responsible the orders and the executors of these actions be identified and strictly punished, and recommends that the Law School examine the possibility of starting legal procedures against the persons responsible for the performed violence.

  3. In sign of solidarity with the School of Philosophy, in defence of the autonomy of the university and in protest against the police cruelty on the students and professors, the Council appeals to all the teachers and associates of the university who have work obligations, classes of exams, on Monday February 10, 1997, not to participate in those obligations. All employees will be at their work places on that day.

  4. The Council invites the schools and institutes to finish the procedure for the election of the members of the University Council and demands that a session of the Council be held as soon as possible, in order to fulfill the demands of the Student Protest concerning the Chancellor and student vice-chancellor.

Presiding over the session of the Council
Prof. Dr. Dejan Popovic

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