Student Protest '96 - '97

January 1st, 1997

18:30 CET
(17:30 GMT)

The students gathered at the Plato, but there was no organized program and nobody addressed them. Members of the student leadership were present.

19:00 CET
(18:00 GMT)

The walk started, but this time no policemen were noticed. The students started walking down the streets Srpskih Vladara and Beogradska to Bulevar Revolucije, where they turned towards Takovska, Lole Ribara and down Makedonska back to the Plato. As it was planned before, the students were carrying pots and pans and other noise producers. We noticed some of them shouting "We want the cordons back".

At 19:30, which is the time for the evening report of the RTS, students made the largest noise than ever, trying to outloud the misinformation spread by the regime controlled media. They were joined by the tenants of the streets they passed by, who were making noise from their windows and balconies. Later we heard that the same thing happened in other parts of the city where the citizens spontaneously went to their windows and balconies to make noise at this time.

The walk, one of the longer ones in the past weeks, ended at about 21:30.


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