Student Protest '96 - '97

March 2nd, 1997

15:30 CET
(14:30 GMT)

The Plato

The 101 days of the student protest have passed so quickly, yet November 22nd seems so far away. Today the University Assembly held its first session. The members of the Assembly are all the professors and assistants of the Belgrade University, and it was organized by the professors in order to promote a new, independent University. The Assembly, which gathered about 1,000 people, supported the decision of the Council of Deans in electing Dragan Kuborovic for the acting Chancellor of the Belgrade University, a decision which is illegal even though it is legitimate. Our fight has endured and we will not stop until our victory is complete. "We are tougher than velvet and we will not leave the country like our predecessors", the members of the '92 student protest, said Cedomir Jovanovic, member of the Initiative Board of the Student Protest. This was also the message of the walk. "They would rather see our backs than see us in class again. If someone is going to look at someone's back, it will be us looking at their backs" added Ceda.

17:00 CET
(16:00 GMT)

The "Walk"

The walk visited the transportation facilities of the city: the bus and train station and the Yugoslav Airlines bus terminal on Slavija. If they want to see us leave, they will be disappointed - we are staying and are going to make things better in this country. If someone is going to be using theses facilities it will be them, not us. We walked from the Plato to Terazije and Zeleni Venac through Prizrenska to Karadjordjeva. We continued to Slavija via Nemanjina and returned to the Plato through Srpskih Vladara and Kolarceva. The gathering has been scheduled for tomorrow at 2 o'clock, since classes will be boycotted.


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