Student Protest '96 - '97

January 3rd, 1997

18:30 CET
(17:30 GMT)

Several thousand students gathered today at Plato, for an evening dedicated to Milan Milutinovic, whom the students have dubbed "the minister of all trades." They were addressed by Nadezda Petrovic, high school teacher, and a greeting card from Jelica Sretenovic, actress, to the students was read. Then Cedomir Jovanovic, a member of the steering board of the Protest, told us to be patient, because the board is preparing a surprise for one of the following days, for the students which should change walking in circles in front of the police cordons with some other kind of actions.

19:00 CET
(18:00 GMT)

The walk started from the Vasina street where the police cordon was waiting at the usual place, so the students turned to the Knez Mihajlova street. The cordons were waiting in front of the Ruski Car cafe, in the streets Kralja Petra and Vuka Karadzica, and in front of the Ethnography Museum. Then we started running back to Vasina, bumped into a cordon in Zmaj Jovina, and went back to the Students Square to walk around it. Due to the heavy presence of riot squads, students marched in Knez Mihajlova and other adjacent streets, making the greatest possible noise to silence the RTS prime time news show.

As we hear, the citizens of Belgrade are still spontaneously gathering in different parts of the city, and trying to imitate us whistling, shouting slogans and making all kinds of noise at the time for the evening report of the RTS. In some parts, on Banovo Brdo for example, they even made walking processions.


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