Student Protest '96 - '97

January 4th, 1997

18:30 CET
(17:30 GMT)

The Belgrade students gathered at the Plato where they were addressed by Bibi Andersen, swedish actress, who expressed her support to them.

19:00 CET
(18:00 GMT)

The walk started in Knez Mihajlova street where police cordons were waiting at both ends of the street, in front of the Ruski Car cafe and in the Kralja Petra street, so we made a circle there. Besides pots and pans and the usual whistles, some of the students were carrying drums. The noise was the loudest during the time for the evening report of the RTS. Then we went to the Students Square to make a circle around it, and back to Knez Mihajlova street. Some of the students were taking photos of the others in front of the police cordons, your reporter was one of them.

The Belgrade citizens also continued making noise from their windows and balconies, supporting and greeting us.

The walk ended at about 20:30.


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