Student Protest '96 - '97

February 8th, 1997

18:00 CET
(17:00 GMT)

The Plato

The students gathered at the Plato for the 79th protest gathering against the manipulations of the November 17 electoral results. The students were addressed by Dusan Popovic of the Initiative Board, who informed us of the situation at the School of Agriculture (the Chancellor is also the Dean of this school so they were hesitant to support the Student Protest). The main guest for the day was actor Jean-Mark Barr (Le Grand Blue), who expressed his support of the fight for democracy and justice. His few sentences were greeted by the students, especially the female part. The students were also supported by the members of the Syndicate of Doctors and Pharmacists.

19:00 CET
(18:00 GMT)

The "Walk"

The walk followed the route of the traditional "media walk". The students walked down Vasina and Srpskih Vladara, and then into Kneza Milosa and Takovska. There we whistled in front of the building of the RTS. When we entered Ivo Lola Ribar street we were greeted by Grandma Olga, as usual. The detour for the day was turning into Cetinjska street, where Rastko Kostic, the injured lives. He was released from the hospital and the students wanted to personally wish him a quick recovery. He waved from his window to the passers. He had a nose operation, so in addition to the bandage on his head and immobilized arm, he had a taped nose. The student procession returned to the Plato via 29 November and Vasina streets, where the protest gathering ended for the day.


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