Student Protest '96

December 9th, 1996

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)
Today's rally of students at Plato was a real cultural event. A great number of famous people spoke to students today, such as Ratko Maksimovic, composer, Olivera Katarina, actress, Branka Katic, actress, Srdjan Karanovic, director, and I was personally most touched by the speeches of Vida Ognjenovic, writer and director, who congratulated us on our "protest celebrations", calling them the "tea-party against hooligans " or the "days of votes trampled upon", stating that "the stupidity isn't an endemic disease of these parts, but caused by the virus of authority", and begging us to be persistent and to hold on; and Sonja Drobac, reporter and former editor of TV Politika, who have tried to oppose to the editing politics of her publishing firm.

The students were today bitter about the arrest of Dejan Bulatovic (21) and the brutal tortures he suffered from the police, and the whole rally was marked with this sad event.

13:00 CET
(12:00 GMT)
Today's route: Vasina street to the Republic Square, down 29. November Street to the building of the City Secretary of Internal Affairs, where they'd demanded Dejan Bulatovic to be released and given medical help, and then back to Plato.

There were no incidents during the walk today even though the number of students was incredible - there had never been more of us than today.


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