Student Protest '96

December 10th, 1996

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)
Plato Today, as the previous days, a large number of students gathered at Plato in sign of protest against the undemocratic regime.

Letters of support from the Managing Board of the Attorney Association of Serbia, Ethnological Society of Serbia, Executive Committee of the Syndicate of the Neuro-Psychological Hospital in Vrsac and Elizabeth Ren were read. A summary of the pro-regime newspapers was also read, and was accompanied by whistling.

The students were addressed by Vojin Dimitrijevic, professor at the Law School, Andrej Primerman, Chancellor of the business college "Braca Karic"- the first Chancellor to give us his support, Dragoslav Mihajlovic, writer, Milos Kreckovic, dramatist. Kreckovic said that even with the prohibition of the administration of the National Theater and Belgrade Drama Theater, every night before the performances reads the declaration of support for the students, which is accompanied by applause of the audience.

The fiercest of all was the well-known actress Sonja Savic, who read the declaration of support of the Association of Drama Artists to the students, and warned us that '96 cries out: "I will take on the responsibility, I want my free choice."

The other spokespersons included Ivanka Gajic, docent at the School of Dentistry, Milan Nikolic, representative of the steel workers, and Petar Lazic, editor of "Nasa Krmaca" and editor-for-life of the Index Radio Theater.

13:30 CET
(12:30 GMT)
The Walk went along Vasina, Kolarceva, and Srpskih Vladara Street, via Slavija to Deligradska and Bircaninova streets, then up General Zdanova Street to the building of the Supreme Court. After that the students walked up Knez Mihajlova street to the Street of the 29th of November, and back to the Plato.

The students booed in front of the Supreme Court, the building of the Federal Parliament and "Borba" (a regime newspaper). There were no incidents.

The peaceful protest of the students has been scheduled for tomorrow again.


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