Student Protest '96 - '97

January 15th, 1997

10:00 CET
(09:00 GMT)


The students gathered today especially early, because of the session of the University Council which was to determine the official university stand regarding the ongoing student protest. The meeting took place at the Chancellor's office, which is next to the Plato. The students were not as numerous as usual, only 2,000-3,000. They expressed their protest by making noise and alerting attention of the members of the Council. The meeting was being broadcast directly over the radio, but when the transmission was stopped abruptly, members of the Initiative Committee of the Student Protest managed to relay the important information to the public by cellular phone.

At one point we heard the message that the Chancellor had been replaced, but an hour later the official results concluded that the Chancellor had not been dismissed and the final result was 41:25:3.

After the meeting, when the members of the Council started exiting the building, the student security had to make a cordon in order to protect them. One of the gathered people verbally abused the Council members and had to be removed. At one point the BU security was asked to help in the crowd control.

At about 6 o'clock the students dispersed, and the teachers gathered at the School of Philosophy. The only material damage done was a punctured tire on the Chancellor's car.

Teanosugar & Wolfe

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