Student Protest '96 - '97

March 15th, 1997

18:00 CET
(17:00 GMT)

The Plato

After the "Music Zone", during which the students gathered at the Plato on yet another day of the Protest, the program started with some information being read concerning today's Protest program. The march route for today was the traditional media route, only a few additional details were planned for our actions (we'll get to that later). Bane Vidakovic addressed the students from the speakers stand tonight. He said that this protest must carry on with its activities (we should choose how), since he feels that the students are, justifiably, still wary of the government and their illusory intention to start forming an autonomous university in this city. The air was clear and cool, allowing us to enjoy our Protest walk tonight.

20:00 CET
(19:00 GMT)

The "Walk"

The walk lead us along a prolonged media route on another pleasant and noisy evening. Around 20:00 a procession of over 5000 students started the walk heading towards Slavia. We went on through Beogradska street, Bulevar Revolucije street and Takovska. In front of the Serbian Radio and Television building we stopped to carry out the additional "details" of tonight's program. A TV set (an old-timer) was first shattered to pieces showing "them" how much we appreciate their TV program. The pieces were gathered and put onto a pile consisting of other cardboard TV sets. The whole lot was then set on fire enabling us to make an indian dance around it backed by our rhythm section. After having some fun here the students continued the walk and cheered by citizens standing by or waving from their windows (one chap even waved a huge lamp from his balcony) made their way back to the Plato. The crowd broke up and left the square at roughly 22:00. Stay with us because tomorrow you'll be able to read about the first student rally (race) in the history of Belgrade!


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