Student Protest '96

December 16th, 1996

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)

Today, the 25th day of the Student Protest '96, several tens of thousands of students gathered at Plato again today, numerous as ever.

Deacon Nenad Ilic of Vranje addressed the students attending the protest and said that "what is happening in Serbia is a great celebration of freedom." Professor of the School of Drama Arts, Aleksandar Mandic and psychoanalyst from Paris, Zoran Kulinovic also addressed us.

The gathered students were thrilled to hear that their colleagues, 17 students from Nis, announced their arrival for tomorrow.

Among the letters of support which were read today, were letters from the students from Hungary, who gathered in protest today in front of the Yugoslav Embassy in Budapest, and from the students from Cambridge, who called upon the authorities in Serbia to respect the democratic will of the people.

13:00 CET
(12:00 GMT)
The "Walk"

Today's route was an original one. As before, the procession went down Vasina and Kolarceva streets, via Terazije and Srpskih Vladara st. to Slavija. From there the students went to Autokomanda and up Juzni Bulevar, Maksima Gorkog and Proleterskih Brigada streets. Then we proceeded back to the Plato down the usual path, Beogradska st., Bulevar Revolucije and Mose Pijade. The great length of today's route was a sign of support and admiration to our coleagues from Nis and Novi Sad, who walked all the way to join us. Bystanders and the people on their balconies cheered them, especially on Maksima Gorkog Street and Crvene Armije boulevard.

Except for the cordon of police officers at Autokomanda who blocked the route to Dedinje, there were absolutely no incidents today.

The noisy procession went back to Plato, where the protest procession will start from tomorrow again.


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