Student Protest '96 - '97

February 18th, 1997

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)

The Plato

The 89th gathering of the Student Protest '96/97 started with the anthem of St. Sava, the protector of education, as usual. The students were addressed by their guests and Cedomir Jovanovic announced the project for the day. The students would visit the major locations of the Belgrade protests and by drawing silouets on the asphalt signify that the citizens of Belgrade were in danger during their peaceful fight for democracy.

13:30 CET
(12:30 GMT)

The "Walk"

The plan was for the students to visit Kolarceva street, where they spent seven days and seven night, and Branko's bridge, where the citizens of Belgrade were beaten and hosed down by the police on the night of February 2. The students were equpped with chalk and occasional spray paint. As the procession started for the Plato, the first shilouettes started appearing under the feet of the walkers. Shapes of people in differnet positions, obviiously violently thrown to the ground littered the asphalt. As the student security blocked traffic on Terazije, a car suddenly started for the students. The security managed to stop the car, only to have the driver step on the gas again. When the car stopped the studnets started kicking the car, breaking the lights and windows. The hood was smashed and the driver was dragged out. The security seized the driver and took him to the side. The car was pushed to Zeleni Venac where both were handed over to the police. One security person was slightly injured. Due to the incident the leadership decided to give up the idea of going to Branko's bridge, so the walk continued down Srpskih Vladara to Slavija. The students then proceeded up Beogradska and into Ivo Lola Ribar and then back to the Plato


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