Student Protest '96 - '97

March 18th, 1997

14:00 CET
(13:00 GMT)

The Plato

We gathered for what we hope will be the last regular rally of the Student Protest '96/97. Tomorrow the University Council is expected to accept the resignation of the Chancellor and the student vice-chancellor and thus the demands of the Student Protest would be fulfilled. A victory walk is planned for Thursday and we would return to class on Friday. On this cold but sunny day we were first addressed by Marko Leko, a retired professor of the School of Fine Arts and poet Vojislav Lukic. And as usual Ceda Jovanovic announced the walk for the day.

16:30 CET
(15:30 GMT)

The "Walk"

The walk took us indirectly to the City Hall where we were to give the icon of the Three-handed Virgin which was a gift from the Chilandar monastery, to the Mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Djindjic. The route took us through Kolarceva and Terazije, down Prizrenska to Zeleni Venac. We then walked down Narodnog Fronta and Balkanska, up Admirala Geprata and Kneza Milosa. We passed by the Serbian Presidency and greeted about 20 members of the special police who were standing in front. It was obvious that Slobodan Milosevic was not inside or we wouldn't have been permitted within a hundred meters from the building. The 5,000 students crowded on the lawn in front of the City Hall while a delegation presented the mayor with the present. We then returned to the Plato through Mose Pijade, and ended the gathering. Tomorrow we will gather at 6 o'clock to wait in front of the Chancellorship for the decision of the University Council.


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