Student Protest '96 - '97

February 21st, 1997

11:00 CET
(10:00 GMT)

The Schools of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

The search for Dragutin Velickovic, the Chancellor of the Belgrade University continues. The campaign headed by the students of the Schools of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering took another step in order to find the Chancellor who is nowhere to be found. After trying to "catch" him on his way back from the Kopaonik ski resort, the search in Tolstojeva, the city zoo and the Danube waters, the students thought he might have escaped to another planet. So the destination of today's excursion was the observatory located in one of the towers of the Kalemegdan citadel. After a "detailed" search of all the planets the following conclusion was drawn. The Chancellor had obviously been on Mars. He designed the great channels which caused the crumbling of the Martian civilization, and then left the planet. Since he is not to be found in the sky, the next possibility is under ground. The group returned to the Plato around 1 o'clock to inform the rest of the students of their findings, but he search continues...

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)

The School of Transportation

Another attempt to visit the president of Serbia. The students of the School of Transportation planned a secret route to Tolstojeva 37, the private residence of Slobodan Milosevic. The group of about 200 students managed to get to the corner of Rodoljuba Colakovica and Tolstojeva, about 100 meters from The House, but were stopped by the police. The area was flooded with special forces within minutes, and the students proceeded towards the School of Veterinary in order to meet with the rest of the students. The students were told that they are not allowed in the vicinity even on the sidewalks.

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)

The Plato

10,000 students gathered today for the 92nd protest time to protest the manipulation of the November 17 electoral results. The gathering at the Plato in front of the School of Philosophy was addressed by Marko Ivanovic, candidate of the coalition Zajedno in Mladenovac and Borivoje Mijatovic, professor of the School of Forestry and candidate of the coalition Zajedno in Novi Beograd. Bora Djordjevic, our famous revolutionary rock singer sang a song from his new album "dedicated" to Slobodan Milosevic and his wife Mirjana Markovic. The students greeted today's constitution of the City Parliament, the first oppositional parliament since the second world war. The students walked to the School of Veterinary, down Kolarceva, Srpskih Vladara and Bulevar JNA. 101 professors of this school are demanding the resignation of the Dean, Danilo Vickovic. Brana Radenkovic, representative of the professors addressed the students. The students then returned to the Plato via Beogradska, Bulevar Revolucije, Takovska, Ivo Lola Ribar and Makedonska. The gathering for tomorrow has been scheduled for 2 o'clock and the goal is Novi Beograd.


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