Student Protest '96 - '97

February 22nd, 1997

14:00 CET
(13:00 GMT)

The Plato

The 93rd day of the Student Protest '96/97. Finally a nice warm day. Spring seems to be arriving. It was autumn when this whole thing started, but that seems to be such a long time ago. Much has happened, one whole generation matured much faster than they had ever expected, and that is something which will have changed their whole perspective of life. Fighting for a just cause and being the first student protest to actually have their demands met. Warm feelings about what we are doing seem natural in the spring sun. The activities are the usual: everybody meets at the Plato and we await to hear the freshest news. Some assemblies and new discussions, and the guests - people who have something important to say. Today it was Vladimir Arsenijevic, our famed writer, who received the Nin award as one of the youngest writers ever to get the award. He emphasized the righteousness of out plight and looking students said, as many others before him, that we must endure.

15:30 CET
(14:30 GMT)

The "Walk"

The warm and sunny day enabled us to take yet another protest walk today, this time towards the centre of New Belgrade. The protest walk started around 15:30 leading us along the familiar route towards one of the two municipalities where justice in the post-election crisis has not yet been done. After a merry swing on the bridge (the people were nervous the first few times this happened, but now many look forward to this occasion) the procession moved on towards its destination for today. The crowd, numbering around 15,000 people, kept spreading good vibes along the way urging citizens either to join it or at least to stop their business and admire and enjoy its joyful manifestation. A lot of people brought their pets along since the weather landed the walk a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. After a 20 minute rest the students headed back towards the Plato. While passing over the other half of the bridge (in fact, Branko's bridge is two bridges built right along one another, of which this one is newer and much better constructed) a lack of vibration and movement was commented with cries of disappointment (a few chaps stamped their feet mockingly "trying" to initiate some movement). When the walk ended at the Plato, about 6, the sky had already darkened considerably with night falling rapidly over the city.

Wolfe & TeaNoSugar

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