Student Protest '96

December 22nd, 1996

18:00 CET
(17:00 GMT)


Tens of thousand of Belgrade students gahtered at the Plato today to start the second evening walk of the Student Protest 96. First they were addressed by Mirko Petkovic and Gojko Baletic, actors, David Parenco, student of Law from Padova, Era, singer for the rock-band "Vampiri" and Branko Arsic, assistant professor at the School of Philosophy. At the very beggining the students paid their respects to the departed academic Mica Popovic, with a moment of silence.

The announcement of the Dean of the School of Chemistry in which he denies supporting the Independent Student Movement, as it was stated on RTS, was read.

19:00 CET
(18:00 GMT)

The "Walk"

The protest walk started at about 7 pm. The students carried lanterns, candles and lamps in order to "enlight" the buildings of RTS and "Politika". The procession was proceeded by the sound of drums trumpets and whistles, and was greeted by citizens from their windows and balconies. They were even greeted by several employees of the "Politika" company from the top two floors of the Politika building.

The walk ended at about 9 pm.


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