Student Protest '96 - '97

February 25th, 1997

14:00 CET
(13:00 GMT)

The Plato

A very long and versatile program took place at the Plato today. The gathering started with the program by the professors and assistants of the different schools and institutes of the Belgrade University. An international conference took place with the theme "1,800 Reasons for the Resignation of the Chancellor". Short papers were read by their authors and presented to the jury, all the gathered people at the Plato. There were many interesting professional papers from different branches and independent essays. Here are some of the abstracts:

- A transportation professor cited the rules of traffic: If a person comes upon an obstacle in the road he/she is obliged to remove the obstacle (the students being the person, the obstacle being the Chancellor, and the road being life).

- The Chancellor was also named a foreign subject since he was not appointed by the University.

- A biology teacher said that the Chancellor is bad for the environment since trees are being cut down for the paper on which demands for his resignation are being written.

- The students are searching for the Chancellor, and the professors for his science publishing.

- The Chancellor is a disgrace for all people baring the diploma of the Belgrade University, the next Chancellor might even be a turbo-folk singer.

- Which Chancellor?

- The Chancellor is only a forced manager since he was appointed and not elected. He isn't capable of resigning since such an act requires honor and moral.

- He is the only Chancellor without a University.

- The student vice-chancellor [prorektor, ser.] is the only PROchancellor.

- Only animals hibernate.

- A primate cannot be a prime.

- A piglet wants to die a big pig.

- You [Chancellor] should be insulted [by the student's zoo action], put your fist down and resign.

After the jury came to a "decision" it was announced that the first prize, a gold whistle should go to the only person not aware of its meaning, the Chancellor. It was then announced that the minister of education warned the students that the Chancellor (who is nowhere to be found) was insulted by the students action in searching for him in the city zoo. The reaction of the students was that a rather large list of people (which was read) should apologize to the students. The list included the minister of education, the Chancellor, the minister of internal affairs, the Serbian Prime Minister, Mirjana Markovic (Slobodan Milosevic's wife), and a number of other public figures who insulted the student protest in some way. The guests for the day had their turn on the roof of the noise-mobile. They were Dragan Nikolic, author and Nikita Milivojevic drama artist. Milivojevic explained the value of the University Diploma if the system remains as it is - a one way ticket out of the country. The students of the School of Mechanics stated the results of their search for the Chancellor: after searching the marketplaces they concluded that he was not there, but they did manage to find the student vice-chancellor - but he was silent as a fish, as usual [they brought a fish]. A number of student assemblies were announced for tomorrow. Cedomir Antic of the Initiative Board replaced his colleague Cedomir Jovanovic at the stand, since he has pneumonia. He invited the members of the Main Board to come forth and give their student IDs, which will be given to the Dean of the School of Philosophy for safe keeping. The students will take back their IDs when the Chancellor resigns. Each member stated his/her name and the school they represent in the Main Board. Before the beginning of the walk the Chancellorship was wrapped with a roll of paper and the students wrote their messages to the Chancellor, in case he appears while the students are not present.

15:30 CET
(14:30 GMT)

The "Walk"

The walk took us to the train station since there was a "rumor" that the Chancellor was about to escape from Belgrade by train. The procession walked down Kolarceva and Srpskih Vladara, Kneza Milosa and Nemanjina to the station. Since the Chancellor was not there the procession continued down Karadjordjeva, Pariska and Uzun Mirkova to the Plato.


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