Student Protest '96 - '97

February 26th, 1997

10:30 CET
(09:30 GMT)

The School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Many have attempted to reach the home of the President of Serbia, but no one has succeeded - yet. Another attempt took place this morning, when the students of the School of Geography together with part of the security Delta Force started yet another walk... They took the already proven technique of using public transportation to get into striking range of the dreaded Tolstojeva street. This time (unlike the expedition of February 24) the students went two stations further by tram in order to approach the Dedinje hill from the other side. They then made their way to the Sava Kovacevic elementary school, the same place the group that tried the same expedition on Sunday stopped. From there the Delta Force lead the students to Tolstojeva the same way as two days ago. When they entered Tolstojeva (Delta members first) they found that there was only one car parked in front of the house and not a single policeman in sight. The security rushed forward but the students, mostly female, hesitated. The ten Delta members managed to get in front of the house in number 33 (THE house) and have their picture taken before the two officers on duty appeared. The police forced the students back, so that the main group only got to number 29. In the meantime a whole caravan of special police vehicles arrived at the scene. Two students with cameras were arrested, but released later in the day after their film was developed and examined. The group then returned to the center of the city escorted most of the way by the police.

13:00 CET
(12:00 GMT)

The Schools of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The Chancellor was searched for by everybody and everywhere so it was high time to search for professional help. After the now already traditional alternative gathering in front of the School of Mechanical Engineering at 1 o'clock, the destination of the small walk of the day was announced. If anybody could find the Chancellor it had to be a psychic, so the students visited Psychic Branka in Makedonska street. Branka told them what she saw in the present and the future: the Chancellor is in Belgrade but is hiding, and that he will resign within one month's time. The students, happy of the good news returned to the Plato to inform their colleagues.

13:00 CET
(12:00 GMT)

The School of Agriculture

The students of the School of Agriculture, following the example of their colleagues also tried to find the Chancellor. They started from their school, situated in Zemun (also the area in which the Chancellor lives) and searched every possible location they could think of. They searched in breweries, market places, restaurant and taverns, but he was nowhere to be found. The sad students returned to the Plato to inform the rest of the students.

14:00 CET
(13:00 GMT)

The Plato

The gathering at the Plato was enlightened with a large bunch of balloons which hung from the fifth floor of the School of Philosophy arranged like the Serbian flag. Since the students are anxious to return to their benches and the professors wish to continue teaching, lectures were organized at the Plato. Benches were brought from the School of Philosophy and set in the middle of the Plato. Students sat and listened to the professors who wished to teach. Citizens, ex-students who have been walking and protesting with the students were also granted seats at the Plato, since there is no sense in depriving people of new knowledge which they seek. The official program began around 3.30 and the first guest, Maja Hob-Zivanovic docent at the School of Political Sciences, spoke of the future possibilities of the Student Protest and students movement in general. She ended her address by singing "O Lord won't you buy me..". Since the program had began with music it continued in the same way with Mr. Zika, associate of the School of Mining and Metallurgy who sang a little protest song he wrote.

15:30 CET
(14:30 GMT)

The "Walk"

The walk followed one of the most common routes, but in the opposite direction. From the Plato we walked down Vasina and Makedonska, Ivo Lola Ribar, in front of the Politika building and Radio Beograd. Grandma Olga was on her balcony as always to greet the demonstrators. While passing by the building of RTS in Takovska street, everybody noted that the windows broken by the opposition eggs were replaced on the first floor after two and a half months. The procession turned counter-right into Bulevar Revolucije and proceeded to the Law School. The first row carried the banner reading BELGRADE IS THE WORLD, while the noise-mobile went in the middle of the procession. The 10,000 students turned into Beogradska and then Srpskih Vladara. From there we returned to the Plato where the gathering ended.


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