Student Protest '96

November 26th, 1996

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)
Students of Belgrade University gathered on "Plato" (next to the School of Philosophy).

Several professors addressed the gathering. Among them were academicians Branko POPOVIC and Srbijanka TURAJLIC, professors of the School of Electrical Engineering, professor Slobodan MARINKOVIC (Medical College), who is famous for his request to the students not to attend his lectures and, instead of that, to be present at the Protest, where they are supposed to be at this moment.

13:00 CET
(12:00 GMT)

The protest walk through the streets of Belgrade

Route: Terazije st. -> Srpskih vladara st. -> Kneza Milosa st. (passing by the American Embassy) -> Milosa Pocerca st. -> General Zdanova st. -> Nemanjina st. -> back to Kneza Milosa st. -> Takovska st. (passing by the RTS - Serbian Radio-Television Station, controlled by Milosevic) -> back to Plato.

Immense procession of students who were holding their students' grade booklets high above their heads held up the traffic. Tens of thousands of students participated while going through the streets of Belgrade, the students were supported by the citizens.

The cordon of police force was surrounding the building of the American Embassy. Students showed their discontent by loud whistling and waving with their red student's grade booklets. Along the way, students were calling out the soldiers and military officers from surrounding buildings to greet and join them.

Passing by the building of JUL (United Yugoslav Left) on Savski Venac, students whistled loudly threw eggs at it. Some of the citizens from surrounding buildings supplied the students with eggs. Later on we found out that the JUL sign on the building was taken off and destroyed.

Passing by the RTS building, students slowed down. They shouted "Red Gang", "Liars, liars", etc. and they were throwing eggs at the building (it seems that throwing the eggs became the symbol of the protest in Belgrade). The discontent of the students was provoked by RTS' false informing of the public. Then, the students passed bye the buildings of Radio Belgrade and TV Politika and expressed their "opinion" about the way these media inform the people of Serbia, too.

The continuation of the strike is scheduled for tomorrow noon at Plato. We call upon all the students of Belgrade University to join their colleagues in defending democracy and human rights.

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