Student Protest '96 - '97

January 29th, 1997

10:00 CET
(09:00 GMT)

At 10:00 this morning the Student Protest continued with its actions. The students gathered at their schools and after an hours briefing, started the protest walks through various parts of town, the students being divided into 5 groups, each group taking its own route, with a common destination - Slavija.

The students of the School of Transportation had informed the City secretary for transportation Dusan Boskovic that they will be performing an exercise in the streets today under the name "Movement of an organized procession pf citizens (students) through an enhabited settelment". The donation of blood was also organized for those who chose to do so.

After gathering at Slavija, and covering most of its area, the students continued their march overjoyed because they were free too stroll through the city unimpeded. The route lead us through Srpskih Vladara street and then up Kneza Milosa street. The procession was rapidly increasing in size as we advanced through Belgrade so that by the end of the protest walk, the number of people in the procession was over 10,000. After arriving at Plato, there was a short program during which several professors, who took part in the walk, addressed the students. Information on tomorrows action followed. The students shall, again, divide into groups (six) and repeat todays action with minor changes in the procedure. The changes are secret and will be revealed at the last moment. The protest activities for the day were concluded at 3 pm.

Teanosugar & Wolfe

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