Student Protest '96

November 30th, 1996

12:00 CET
(11:00 GMT)
Students gathered at the Plato (in front of the building of the Faculty of Philosophy) at noon, the same as the previous days.

They were addressed by many guest speakers; we would like to mention the representative of the University of Novi Sad, who greeted his colleagues and expressed the support of the students from Novi Sad for the Student Protest '96.

Students organized the signing of the message of support, which was signed by about 230 university professors and assistants. Among them Darinka Matic-Marovic, the chancellor of the University for Arts, who said that she supported the students, but could not involve politics in the University activities.

13:00 CET
(12:00 GMT)
A walk was organized through the streets of Belgrade. The route of today's walk was the following: Plato -> Vasina St. -> Kalemegdan Park -> By the French Embassy -> By the Danube -> By the Main Bus Terminal and the Main railway Station -> Nemanjina St. -> By the building of the Republic Government -> Kneza Milosa St. -> Boulevard of the Revolution -> By the Borba building -> Square of the Republic -> Plato.

The girls who preceded the procession carried flowers testifying the non-violent character of the Protest. They carried a poster with the following slogan: "Student Protest '96/'97", which clearly shows to what extent the students are prepared to persist in their Protest. A huge procession of students (between 20,000 and 25,000) followed them. The number of students who participated in today's protest denies certain estimates that during the "holidays" the Protest would decrease in numbers.

Passing under the Bridge of Branko Radicevic, the students made a lot of racket, which intensified by the echoes from the surrounding buildings. Passing by the Main Bus Terminal the students showed the people who arrived from different parts of Serbia how numerous they are. In Nemanjina street, while walking past the Army barracks, protesters shouted "Wake up, Army!". The students booed outrageously in front of the building of the Republic Government. On the corner of Kneza Milosa and Srpskih Vladara streets, the students crouched so that the numerous reporters and photographers could see the densely packed procession from the London Tavern, along Kneza Milosa (some students were still in Nemanjina street). After the pictures were taken, the students stood up shouting "The students have risen!". The students turned their backs on the building of the "Borba" and "Vecernje Novosti" (which are newspapers of the regime). After a minute of silence, which signified the protest against the obstruction of the freedom of the media in Serbia, the students booed the building but threw no eggs at it (as the previous days). There were no incidents except the fact that a huge glass ashtray was thrown from the building of "Vecernje Novosti" at the students.

In front of the "Dom Omladine" students shouted in support of Radio B-92, and finally returned to the Plato at 2:25 PM. The spectators greeted the students warmly during the walk. The students were on good terms with the police. One of the police officers, a good-humored man with a moustache went in the proximity of the front of the procession. He said "How come your legs don't hurt, children? I can hardly walk. When is this going to end?" The students have shown again today that this will not end until all their demands have been met.

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