Student Protest '96

December 31st, 1996

20:30 CET
(19:30 GMT)

The students gathered at the Plato as usual, but this time it was to celebrate New Year's Eve. The program started with a concert of well known Belgrade rock bands, such as "Bajaga i Instruktori" and "Kristali". During the pauses of the concert there was a magician entertaining the public with his tricks (very successful trick was when he made our "votes" disappear). At about 23:00 hours the amplifier broke down, so the concert was over before it was planned. But that didn't stop the students from having fun.

24:00 CET
(23:00 GMT)

The coming of the New Year was celebrated with fireworks, champagne, and wishes for our protest to come as a success in the end. After that, a large procession of students went to the Republic Square, where the "Zajedno" coalition was celebrating, to greet their parents and celebrate with the other Belgrade citizens.

Around 3:00 am the party was over, and most of the participants went to parties or clubs to continue with the fiesta.

For more information about the celebration, check the Related news from Serbia link.


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