During the "demonstrations on wheels", the most attention was drawn by the smallest vehicle by far, which was approximately 20 centimeters high - a remote controlled toy truck. The demonstrators who were gathered at the scene moved out of the little truck's way, while it was driving around on the intersection of the Makedonska and Mose Pijade streets. "Please, make some room for the vehicle, don't block the traffic", they were joking, and even the policeman who was directing the traffic couldn't resist the show, and watched the truck for a long time, almost losing his breath from laughter.

Here are a few of the on-the-spot interviews Belgrade drivers gave to Radio B92 reporters on the scene on January 5th, 1997:

-- I am a cab driver. I'd love to get on with my job and only hope that the police will kindly enable me to do so today. I appeal to our beloved police forces to act immediately to this end. I've been honking for ages because nothing's moving. I've no idea what's causing this, is it a soccer game, perhaps?

-- My car's stalled. I've no idea what happened...

-- Absolutely delighted: our police have managed to regulate the traffic as never before.

-- It must be a "fascist car," what can I say. Made in Germany. [Spoof of state-media rhetoric, which has branded the protesters as fascists.] I've been blaring away with my car-horn for hours now, to no avail. The police just aren't responding. Don't know what to do...

-- We have learned from reliable sources, whose reports have been confirmed by numerous eyewitnesses to these events, that today the city police seem to be using only their whistles... To Belgraders' enormous delight, of course.

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