Mr. President!,

This letter is of an offensive nature, because You deserve no better from lowly individual person such as myself. Why, you may wonder. That sure is naive.

Because on 27th December 1996, around 17:00, you ruthlessly endangered the lives and dignity of my family at the traffic lights on Terazije. The meaning of your pitiful statement that "... nobody is allowed to beat this people..." became clear to me that evening. When I, together with my wife and my younger son, encountered real danger finding myself face to face with you (personified by your miserable servants - unbridled members of the special police forces, armed to the teeth), and when a little later I heard the cries of elderly people, women, girls, boys,... who fell under the blows of your clubs and were trampled down at -11 degrees in Celsius, when I saw an old man with his head smashed and bloody, and finally, when I saw my son Boris hit on the hand with a club and when, presently, I felt a blow on the back, I realized that, in a special solicitous-sadistic way, you do love this people.

Foreign flags must not be carried and, as I realized, neither must the people be beaten up by foreign clubs. Albanian, for example. It is certain that the clubs carried by the Albanian policemen at Kosovo were bought by who knows whose money. But these clubs and the complete equipment of your special police were bought with the money of our people, of exactly those people whose heads were covered with blood, who got beaten up and trampled. Our clubs are of much higher quality, they are more expensive and more effective. They are ours!

The same evening, one more thing became clear to me. When, during the barroom 8th session I asked poet Matija Beckovic what he thought about your opponent and you, he answered that the former is to be pitied, whereas the latter is to be feared. It turned out that his opinion of the latter was - wrong. You are not to be feared. You are undoubtedly a coward, Mr. President!

Finally, actuated probably by the blows of the high-quality clubs, I realized something else. I should remind you that in 1990 I was your opponent in the presidential election. At that time, I resented the way in which you introduced clowns into the presidential campaign in order to degrade other candidates. I was wrong. Had any one of them been elected president, he would have turned out more honest and more humane than you.

I can imagine what the family of murdered Mr. Starcevic, what the spouses, children and parents of the people who have been beaten up think about you and your family, and what they wish you. I also know what I myself wish you in 1997. I wish that your eyes should open and that your soul should become capable of emotion. It would be possible only if you should experience the same thing my family experienced on 27th December 1996.

In the meantime, I demand of you to apologize and to recognize my family's four votes which you stole in the elections.

If you do that, I might forgive you.

Belgrade, 2nd January 1997

Zivan Haravan

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