From: M. Konstantinovic <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 22:15 +0200
Subject: About beaten professors

While the February sun warms us (the only one on our side), while the education workers are on strike and our children are not going to school, while the students are striking, while the courts are not working, while the theatres have stopped working, while taxi drivers are being killed, and workers have no work and can't earn their wages, the citizens have expressed their opinion and feelings in the only acceptable way - PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS.

Unfortunately the only location available to the citizens for expressing their displeasure is the street. The streets and sidewalks, squares and bridges are the only places where an ordinary citizen, which is not engaged in any party can express his/her dissatisfaction with the present situation in the country. Such engagement contains individual views of honor and moral. Lead only by this, our female colleague, not politically engaged, PhD and scientific assistant of an institute, for 75 days expressed her dissatisfaction, despair and decisiveness not to be only a bystander in her life. On the 75th day of her peaceful protest her GOT her answer from her state. She and her husband, together with dozens of other citizens received clubbing, water canons and tear gas as an answer to their demands.

Is that the only answer which our government can give us? Obviously the government which ran ten of thousands of highly educated experts from this country, wants to brutally confront those who chose to stay. In the end we who are still here ask ourselves whether our lives are endangered just because we are still trying to think and express those thoughts in a peaceful manner.

February 3, 1997

Associates of the Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering:

   1.  Jelena Kusic, molecular biologist
   2.  mr Vesna Maksimovic
   3.  mr Dragica Radojkovic
   4.  Jelena Teodorovic, molecular biologist
   5.  Vera Markovic, physicist
   6.  Dusko Vujic, economist
   7.  Jelena Brkljacic, molecular biologist
   8.  mr Svetlana Radovic
   9   Dejan Ristic, molecular biologist
  10.  Snezana Kojic, molecular biologist
  11.  mr Vesna Todorovic
  12.  dr Ana Savic
  13.  Natasa Stojicevic, biochemist
  14.  Jelena Gvozdenovic, chemical engineer
  15.  Milan Spasic, molecular biologist
  16.  Jelena Begovic, biologist
  17.  Ivana Moric, molecular biologist
  18.  mr Milija Jovicic
  19.  mr Mirjana Lilic
  20.  mr Tanja Kostic
  21.  Tamara Rajic, molecular biologist
  22.  Nikola Arsic, molecular biologist
  23.  Slavica Stanojevic, molecular biologist
  24.  Maja Vujic, molecular biologist
  25.  Tomislav Terzin, molecular biologist
  26.  dr Milena Stevanovic
  27.  Aleksandra Djurkovic, molecular biologist
  28.  Marina Lusic, molecular biologist
  29.  dr Jelena Zaric
  30.  dr med Milan Joksimovic
  31.  Dejan Lazic, molecular biologist
  32.  mr Sonja Pavlovic
  33.  dr Zvezdana Popovic
  34.  Tatjana Mitrovic, molecular biologist
  35.  Natasa Grujicic, molecular biologist
  36.  dr Branka Vasiljevic
  37.  dr Miroslav Konstantinovic
  38.  dr Ljubisa Topisirovic
  39.  mr Natasa Miladinov,
  40.  dr  Milorad Kojic
  41.  dr Milan Kojic
  42.  Ivana Stahinic, molecular biologist
  43.  mr Natasa Vukov
  44.  Natasa Milojevic, molecular biologist
  45.  Olivera Gajic, molecular biologist
  46.  Slavica Arsenijevic, molecular biologist
  47.  mr Djordje Fira
  48.  dr Goran Ljubijankic

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