A traffic policeman stands at the intersection of Makedonska and Brace Jugovic Streets; it is cold and he is hopping in order to warm a little, watching at the same time multitudes of people coming from Republic Square towards 29. Novembra Street. Suddenly, a group of boys and girls appears in front of him. They approach him, wish him happy New Year, offer him sweets and cigarettes. The policeman, puzzled by such behaviour, accepts their greetings and generously dispenses kisses. He does not take any sweets; he is not hungry, he says. He does not smoke either, but he will take a cigarette: "I don't want to offend you, children." A youth carrying a camera appears at that moment. "Uncle policeman, can we take a photograph with you?" asks a blond girl. The "uncle in blue" hesitates at first, but he agrees at last. He adjusts his posture a little, smiles and then a flash follows. The group walks on along Makedonska Street, waving at the policeman, while he, smile on his face, waves back.

Belgrade, January 3rd, 1997.

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