Once again, deafening noise, a symbolic act Belgraders have been performing for several days now to drown out state propaganda, could be heard tonight in all parts of Belgrade during the state- run RTS's main television news bulletin at 7:30 p.m. In the interests of informing the public of what the state media are offering as facts to their audiences in Serbia, Radio B92 has decided to quote the full text of the commentary on the street protests in Belgrade broadcast in the notorious RTS news bulletin at 7:30 tonight. Here is the text of the RTS commentary on the protests in Serbia:

"With the publication of the well kept secret on the pages of Nedeljni Telegraf, namely, that the demonstrations in Belgrade and Serbia were planned under the code name 'Brainstorm,' a very important void has been filled, important for the comprehension of the events on the streets in our country. Analyses, made in some foreign centers, show that certain individuals who had prepared and planned the 'Desert Storm' in Iraq and the 'Storm' attack of the Croatian Army on Krajina, also participated in devising the 'Brainstorm.' The strategy of the operation 'Brainstorm,' our sources report, is very different from that used in the other 'storm' operations. While in the previous 'storms' actual military action was a priority, in this one it is the last tool. The actors are also significantly different: in the earlier actions, the armed forces of two or more countries confronted the other side militarily, but in 'Brainstorm' the conflict is to be created within a single country itself, among its citizens. The emphasis is on inflicting mental and psychological violence on the citizens and the institutions of the system. These steps should create an atmosphere of deep division in the society, an atmosphere where the citizens would confront one another in violent clashes. According to this strategy, it is necessary to provoke the police forces so that the responsibility can be laid on them. After that, certain countries would descend on the scene But, the course of events so far has showed that the citizens of Serbia, regardless of their political views, do not want violence and bloodshed. Even less do they want to participate in it. According to our data, recourse to violence could by supported by only 0.04% citizens. These analyses show that the current police are highly professional, decisive in acting only in accordance with the Constitution and the law, and determined not to be gullible and responsive to provocations. The creators of this action have now focused on stopping the demonstrations as their main task, since the leaders of the coalition Zajedno can't fulfill their assigned mission. The question is: how to accomplish the mission without putting the leaders of Zajedno in the position of having to explain to the citizens why they had deceived them for so long, keeping them in the streets for so long. The thing that the organizers of the action Brainstorm and the leaders of Zajedno want is probably for the authorities to ban the demonstrations. That's why, these days, they are doing everything they can in order to create an incident which could motivate such a decision by the authorities.

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