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Official Protest Banner © Goran Kovacevic (student)

Pictures from protest "walk" on:

16.03.1997 (color, 1st page)
13.03.1997 (color, 1st page)
13.03.1997 (color, 2nd page)
12.03.1997 (color, 1st page)
07.03.1997 (color, 1st page)

07.03.1997 (color, 2nd page)
07.03.1997 (color, 3rd page)
06.03.1997 (color, 1st page)
06.03.1997 (color, 2nd page)

Copyright for the Protest "walk" pictures and pictures of slogans - Zoran Mircetic, ZID, Igor Jeremic and Protest Tri-bune (students).

We are not the only ones who protest...

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