Dear colleagues,

In the name of all the people signed below, I would like to tell you how pride we are of your democratic efforts. The protest is a complete success and the media abroad are carefully observing every step you make. The illegal actions of Slobodan Milosevic and his government have to come to an end and you are conducting this very well. The young people of Serbia deserve a democratic future in which the people's will shall be the only authority over the election of a government.

We have had enough of empty promises concerning a better future, which is getting gloomier by the day. We are through with putting up with isolation from global trends and the era of computers and super-information. We have had had enough of media and cultural blackout.

All of us, studying and working abroad, are carefully eyeing your brave efforts. The number of people joining your protest and the number of news paper articles related to the events in Serbia is greater by the day. We shall make sure that as many people as possible get to know about this protest and that it will get its well deserved attention. If we can help you in any other way please do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail.

Good luck,
Vladimir Djukanovic

Students from USA and Canada pledged their full support to the Student Protest in Serbia:

  1. Zoran Ilic, Syracuse, NY
  2. Aleksandra Ovuka, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  3. Sasa Djolic, Vancouver, Canada
  4. Djordje Stefanovic, Vancouver, Canada
  5. Natasa Przulj, Vancouver, Canada
  6. Marko Vasiljevic, Vancouver, Canada
  7. Vladimir Djukanovic, Greencastle, Indiana
  8. Katarina Obradovic, Chicago, Illinois
  9. Petar Obradovic, Portland, OR, USA
  10. Slavisa Markovic, New York, NY
  11. Bosiljka Markovic, New York, NY
  12. Bogdan Stojicic, Nashville, TN
  13. Dobrivoje Petrovic, Charlotte, NC
  14. Aleksandra Cepilo, Mobile, AL
  15. Ostojic Dejan, Greensboro, NC
  16. Zlicic Dejan, Chicago, IL
  17. Alen Kocevic, Spartanburg, SC
  18. Predrag Baric, Atlanta, GA
  19. Dario Matesic, Chicago, IL
  20. Aleksandar Petkovic, Chicago, IL
  21. Boris Zutic, Rockledge, FL
  22. Nadezda Pesic, Seattle, Washington
  23. Zvonimir Kralj, Beaumont, TX
  24. Slavisa Velickovic, Melbourne, FL
  25. Maja Pesic, Denver, CO
  26. Dragutin Nenadovic, Shawnee Mission, KS
  27. Vladimir Filipovic, Los Angeles, CA
  28. Katarina Filipovic, Los Angeles, CA
  29. Predrag Arnautovic, Bloomington, IL
  30. Svetozar Mrgulj, Akron, OH
  31. Nenad Rakocevic, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  32. Mladen Boskovic, Tucson, AR
  33. Vladan Nikolic, Colorado Springs, CO
  34. Minic Bojana, Princeton, NJ

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