Letter of the Foundation for the Development of Democracy

To the Student Protest 96/97

14th January, 1997

For two months now, you have defied the snow and the rain, the riot police cordons, mocking in this way the dried up power of the rulers. You have been instructing them into the truth that the power is transient and that it has to be restricted by law. That is why your contribution in establishing legal security, development of democracy, spiritual and political transformation in the attitude of Serbia's citizens will be recorded as a unique case in the world. Using your spirit, song and dance against force and lawlessness, you have dispelled the fear of those who trust you.

Aware of their rights and their power, students and citizens, participants of peaceful demonstrations, have shown the parties in power and the parties aspiring to power that there are new paths leading to legal security and protection against the illicit activities of the authorities.

Owing to your youthful enthusiasm and your inexhaustible inventiveness, Serbia has become headline news all over the world. You have lent Serbia a new aspect and showed it to the world.

You have brought more sense into our five years long effort to make the existing laws equally applicable to citizens and to the authorities.

We fully agree with the the statement of the Libre Belgique: if the Nobel Prize for peace still has any significance, then it should be given to Belgrade students this year.

Foundation for the Development of Democracy

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