The Helsinki Committee for human rights in Serbia, as a non-government organization for the protection and promotion of human rights and for establishing a legal state keeps a careful record of the justified, massive and nonviolent protest at Belgrade University. You introduced a new quality to the Serbian political scene with your act and well-grounded actions. Your protest is highly civilized and gives hope that the new generation, which represents a true alternative to the present anachronistic political scene and ideology, is growing in Serbia.

You are the only generation which is not responsible for the what had happened, but, unfortunately, you will have to carry the burden of the irresponsible and often criminal politics. Therefore, we believe that your demonstrations are the first step towards the establishing of justice and a legal state. At the same time this is the first rise against the collective guilt into which the selfishness of political factors pushed you.

Hoping that you will endure to the end with your protest, the Helsinki Committee wishes you full success in achieving your goals. As an organization with a specific role, we also offer you every kind of legal and moral support and protection.

Belgrade, December 3rd,1996.

(eleven signatures included)

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