Message to the Serbian Students
HRH Crown Prince Alexander
16 January 1997

Dear Students,

I would like to address you once again with a few words of greetings and gratitude for your persistence and determination to continue with your protest. The entire civilised world is admiring your action in Belgrade and other Serbian cities. It is mostly to your credit that the image of Serbia has changed in the world and that the Serbian name is again being valued.

At this historic junction our conscience, the national interest and democracy impose on all of us duties and obligations. As far as you are concerned, you fulfil your obligations fully through your protest. As regards myself, I believe it is at present most important for me to explain in my contacts with democratic statesmen and media in the world that what has occurred in Serbia is a broad democratic movement which will not come to an end until the demands of the students and the opposition have been met in their entirety. I also urge them to give their full support to you and thus to contribute a democratic transformation of Serbia.

In all this, your determination to persist along this road and the unity of your action are of paramount importance.


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