Dear Students of Serbia,

We are writing in order to express our respect and admiration for your courage, dignity and self-discipline manifested in your protest.

Although you are young, you give lectures in law and life to those who are older than you. Even the Romans knew that "vox populi, vox dei", but many of our politicians, used to easy ruling, have forgotten this saying. Life is a constant struggle and contest and one should know how to take victory, but even more important, how to accept defeat honourably. You should make our politicians to learn that lesson, which they have missed, from you - their children.

This uneven struggle in which you, as well as our people, fight for the citizens' right to elect their representatives, must be won by you alone. The "great" West will not help you. Powerful countries "help" the small ones only if they themselves can profit from that struggle. Serbian interests and aspirations of the Serbian people have little significance for the "great". Therefore, you should continue your peaceful protests, and by your persistence you will win the right, not only for your own generation, but for future generations too, to live with dignity in a state of law and justice.

We have signed this message to show that we are always with you and that we sincerely support your struggle. Go on with your peaceful protests, but do not let the blood of Serbian people be spilled; teach those who are older than you that things can be changed in Serbia without bloodshed.

With faith in better future for all of us, which depends on whether the people's will expressed at the elections will be recognized, sicerely yours,

  1. Dr. Mirjana Petrovic, Mississippi
  2. Milan Pavlovic, New York
  3. Dr. Rade Petrovic, Mississippi
  4. Snezana Landau, California
  5. Srdja Trifkovic, Houston, TX
  6. Dr. Bozidar Travica, Indiana University
  7. Bodie Plecas, California
  8. George Panic, Canada
  9. Tatjana Curovic, New Jersey
  10. Dr. Aleksandar Kostov, Canada
  11. Aleksandar Hadzi-Pavlovic, Alabama
  12. Ivan Aksentijevich, Maryland, USA
  13. Prof. Dr. Momcilo Miljkovic, Pennsylvania
  14. Irina Miljkovic, Physical chemist, Pennsylvania
  15. Dr. Dimitrije Ivanovic, New York
  16. Dr. Dragana Popovic, Florida
  17. Srdjan Askovic, Mississippi
  18. Slobodan M. Pesic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  19. Igor Najfeld, Boston MA
  20. Dr. Dragic Vukomanovic, Queen's University, Canada
  21. Vesna Vukomanovic, Queen's University, Canada
  22. Mirko Zagorac, businessman, Hamilton, Canada
  23. Jelena Vukomanovic, student, Kingston, Canada
  24. Milica Vukomanovic, student, Kingston, Canada
  25. Dr. Zoran Banjanin, Seattle, USA
  26. Zoran Bucalo, Washington, D.C.
  27. Miroslav Trajkovic, Sydney, Australia
  28. Dr. Miroslav D. Filipovic, University of Westren Sydney
  29. Slobodan Petrovic, engineer, Great Britain
  30. Nenad Radakovic, Seattle, USA
  31. Nancy Beric, Illinois
  32. Predrag Pajic, Congress Library, Washington, D.C.
  33. Djurdjina Toporas Dragic, New York
  34. Dragomir Popovic, Santa Clara, California
  35. Milos Ercegovac, California
  36. Zorana Ercegovac, California
  37. Dr. Dragomir Bukur, Texas, USA
  38. Zoran Mihajlovic, Boston, MA
  39. Boris Radic, Toronto, Ontario
  40. Don Mladenovic, Canada
  41. Toma Iricanin, M.D. Oklahoma
  42. Zora Iricanin, M.D. Oklahoma
  43. Ljiljana Trajkovic, Berkeley, California
  44. Nebojsa Djordjevic, Vancouver, Canada
  45. Slavisa Zivkovic, Toronto
  46. Dr. Sinisa Mesarovic, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
  47. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Kulic, Physicist, Stuttgart, Germany
  48. Prof. Dr. J. Peter Maher, Chicago
  49. Dusan Cukurov, New Jersey, USA
  50. Milan Erbes, Nica, France
  51. Dragan Krupezevic, Bremen, Germany
  52. Dr Zorka Papadopolos, Tubinngen, Germany
  53. Prof. Batric Pesic, University of Idaho, USA
  54. Dr Dragoljub Markovic, Copenhagen, Denmark
  55. Dr. Petar Milic, St. Louis, MO
  56. Prof. Dr. George B. Cvijanovich, WFU , Winston-Salem, NC
  57. Kosara Gavrilovic, Baltimore, MD
  58. Prof.dr. Vladimir Krstic, Ontario, Canada
  59. Prof.dr. Milan Vlajic, Ontario, Canada
  60. Antonija Mitrovic, New Zealand
  61. Dejan Mitrovic, New Zealand
  62. Vesna Redzic, Vancouver, Canada
  63. Dr. Tatjana Dragic, New York
  64. Predrag Tosic, Illinois
  65. Zoran Mrdja, University of Ottawa, Canada
  66. Djordje Lj.Lazarevic, Silicon Valley, California
  67. Dr. Vladimir Pavlovic, Toronto, Canada
  68. Branko Karabuva, Perth, Australia
  69. Dr. Robert F. Miller, Canberra, Australia
  70. Zoran Markovic, Vancouver, Canada

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