On its session held on 11th December 1996, the School Council of the School of Philosophy in Nis, after the discussion concerning the "organization of the lectures", has made the following


1. The School of Philosophy, as a University-level school and a scientific institution, the main professional and humanistic duty of which is to search for truth, protests and supports the protest of students and citizens, provoked by the violation of the regular procedure at the elections and by the trampling upon the basic human right - the right to vote. The nonrecognition of the electoral results is one manifestation of the violation of basic human rights established by the Constitution and positive laws.

2. Without the recognition of elementary human rights, one of which is the right to vote, we cannot consider ourselves a part of the civilized world.

3. We demand that criminal charges be brought against all those who participated in the falsifying of the electoral results.

4. Those whose actions provoked the protest of students bear all the blame for the suspension of lectures.

5. The School council of the School of Philosophy states that the teachers and the assistants are prepared to make it possible for the students to compensate for the lectures and exercises they have missed during the protest.

6. The Council appeals to all the teachers, assistants and students to avoid all divisions and conflicts among themselves at the lectures as well as during the protest.

7. The Council finds that the protest of the students of the School of Philosophy in Nis has been carried out with full responsibility for the autonomy of the University and safety of those who participate in the protest. We would like to thank the students for the academic dignity and responsibility they have shown.

8. The Council demands that the Council of Nis University consider the problems concerning the organization of lectures at the Schools which constitute the University and adopt an attitude towards the whole situation connected with the students' protests.

9. The conclusions of the Council of the School of Philosophy in Nis represent an act of ethical, pedagogical and organizational nature, and may not be used for political purposes.

The School Council of the School of Philosophy in Nis

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