We would like to thank Dr. Milorad Popovic, who initiated the mailing list with the following words:

    Dear colleagues, I appeal to you to join the colleagues from The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and give the support to the Student Protest '96. All who wish to join me should send me a short e-mail message on the following address: popovic@paprika.fnal.gov

    P.S. If something of this kind has been initiated in Nis, Kragujevac, or any other place, please inform me, so that we can spread our support to others outside Belgrade.

    To the Student Protest '96

    We join our colleagues and your professors from the Faculty of Physics at the PMF (Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) in Belgrade in giving full and unreserved support to the Student Protest '96;

  1. Dr. Milorad Popovic, Fermi National Lab., Batavia, USA
  2. Prof. Bojan Pomorisac, Univ of Salem, Mass, USA
  3. Prof. Milan Mijic, California State University, Los Angeles
  4. Prof. dr Ljubisa Miljkovic, Department of Physics at the College of Philosophy in Nis
  5. Dr Aleksandar R. Bogojevic, senior research fellow at the Institute of Physics, Zemun (Belgrade)
  6. Zoran Bucalo,Physics Department,Catholic Univ. of America,Washington,D.C.
  7. Prof dr Tomislav M. Pavlovic, Department of Physics at the College of Philosophy in Nis
  8. Marko Popovic, graduate student , Physics Department, Boston University
  9. Petar Maksimovic, Graduate student, MIT, Boston
  10. Dr. Jane Kondev, Dept. of Physics, Brown University, USA.
  11. Marija Drndic, physics graduate student, Harvardu Univ., Boston, USA
  12. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Kulic, physicist, Stuttgart, Germany.
  13. Dr. Branislav Radak,
  14. Nada Marinkovic, Vinca, Beograd
  15. mr Silvana Nikolic, Dept. of Astronomy, ELTE, H
  16. mr Zlatan Soskic, senior research fellow, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca, Belgrade
  17. Dusan Milivojevic, research fellow, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca, Belgrade
  18. Milica Medved, Graduate student, Univ of Chicago, Chicago, USA
  19. Dr. Igor Herbut, University of British Columbia, Canada
  20. Aleksandar Milosevic, Yale Univ, New Haven, USA
  21. Dragoslav M. Mitrinovic, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Chicago, USA
  22. Dr. Branko Urosevic, Chicago, USA
  23. Dr. Dejan Trbojevic, Brookhaven National Lab., New York, USA
  24. Milena Imamovic-Tomasevic, Toronto, Canada
  25. Prof. Drasko Jovanovic, Fermi National Lab., Batavia, USA
  26. Dr. Dusan Nesic, New York, USA
  27. mr. Milovan M. Stoiljkovic, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca, Dept. of Physical Chemistry, Belgrade
  28. Dr. Srecko B. Vojvodic, assistant professor of biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade
  29. mr.Vladan Celebonovic, senior research fellow, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
  30. Vesna Damjanovic, Faculty of Physisc, Belgrade
  31. Mladen Damjanovic, Faculty of Pharmacy, Belgrade
  32. mr Ivica Bradaric, senior research fellow, Institute of Nuclear Science Vinca, Belgrade
  33. Dr. Miroslav D. Filipovic, University of Western Sydney
  34. Ana Damjanovic, Grad. student, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  35. Cedomir Petrovic, Florida State Univ., USA
  36. Andrei Pastor, Florida State Univ., USA
  37. Prof. Vladimir Dobrosavljevic, Florida State Univ. USA
  38. Marko Vojvodic, student, C.S. Dept.,Univ. of Alberta, Alberta, Canada
  39. Dejan Vucinic, Grad. student, MIT, Boston, USA
  40. Prof.Djordje Sijacki, Institute of Physics, Zemun (Belgrade)
  41. Dr. Miodrag Janjusevic, New York , USA
  42. Dr. B. Sazdovic, Institute of Physics, Zemun (Belgrade)
  43. Dr Milutin Blagojevic, Institute of Physics, Zemun (Belgrade)
  44. Prof. Tasko Grozdanov, research consultant, Institute of Physics, Zemun (Belgrade)
  45. Prof. Vojislav Radojevic, Institute of Physics, Zemun (Belgrade)
  46. Dr. Nenad Svrakic, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
  47. Snezana Stanimirovic, Graduate student, University of Western Sydney
  48. Prof. Slobodan Jaric, the School of Physical Education, Belgrade University
  49. Suzana Blesic, associate, Institute of Medical Research, Belgrade
  50. Frederick Sweet, Ph.D, School of Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  51. Juan P. Senosiain, Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University, USA
  52. Marija Jaric, visiting scholar, Dept of Physics, TAMU, USA
  53. Prof. Marko Vukobrat Jaric, Center for Theoretical Phys., TAMU, USA
  54. Maja Krcmar Rakovic, Texas A&M, College Station, Tx.
  55. Milun Rakovic, Institute of Physics, Zemun (Belgrade); also Texas A&M, Coll.Sta., Tx.
  56. Dr. Milivoje Belic, Stavi THD Darmstadt

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