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6.12.1996. Prague

Today at 5 o'clock demonstrations were organized in front of the Yugoslav embassy in Mostecka street in the center of Prague. The demonstrations were organized by the HOST organization (Civil Movement for Solidarity and Tolerance).

Considering the fact that the demonstrations were announced to the embassy in Prague yesterday, the embassy made sure that there was a number of police officers in front of the building, even though it is surrounded by a fence.

Around 200 people gathered and the protest started music from the OST of "Mission Impossible" and the lighting of sparklers. The sight was impressive. There were many reporters and a TV crew from the Czech television which displayed the happening in the evening news with a comment: "There is no red star on the Yugoslav flag, but actions of the Belgrade regime prove otherwise." In the further program the organized stated the demands:
- for no violence to be used against the demonstrators in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia.
- for freedom of information of the public
- for individuals arrested during the demonstrations to be let free and not to be physically abused.

Srdjan Simeonovic, director from Prague spoke after the petition which was signed by Czech intellectuals was read. He asked the gathered people to sign it also. He added that the world started to doubt that there was an alternative for Yugoslavia, but that there are wise people in our country who for years haven't had the opportunity to express themselves.

The song "Let the sun shine in" was played and a banner which read LET THE SUN SHINE IN was opened exactly in front of the embassy (about five meters from the door considering it was fence off like on a concert).

The gathering lasted for about an hour.

Aleksandra Cimpl

The HOST organization "Clovek u Tisni", together with a group of Serbs from Prague have made considerable donations to the Student Protest 96. We are thankful for their contributions.

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