Support from the professors of the Faculty of Physics to the Student Protest '96

45 professors, asistents and associates of Faculty of Physics, gave support, without reserve, to the Students protest '96.While we were thanking one of the professors, he said: "Thank you for doing this".

    1. prof.dr. Milan Knezevic
    2. prof.dr. Sava Milosevic
    3. prof.dr. Ilija Savic
    4. ass. Goran Poparic
    5. Vladimir Milosavljevic
    6. Zoran Nikolic, associate
    7. Jovan Puzovic
    8. ass.dr. Mico Mitrovic
    9. prof.dr. Snezana Drndarevic
    10. ass.dr. Suncica Elezovic-Hadzic
    11. prof.dr. Natasa Nedeljkovic
    12. prof.dr. Jaroslav Labat
    13. Milorad Rados, associate
    14. Ilija Maric
    15. Stojka Pavlovic, additional staff
    16. Gordana Mugosa, additional staff
    17. prof.dr. Ivanka Milosevic
    18. prof.dr. Milan Damnjanovic
    19. mr. Zivojin Nikolic
    20. Ivan Belca
    21. ass. Vladimir Miljkovic
    22. Irena Knezevic, associate
    23. Milos Vicic
    1. prof.dr. Vida Zigman
    2. Milorad Kuraica
    3. ass. Nikola Sisovic
    4. Ivan Videnovic
    5. prof.dr. Aleksandar Stamatovic
    6. ass. Vasilj Pupovac
    7. Zoran Bokor, associate
    8. <illegible signature>
    9. prof.dr. Bozidar Milic
    10. prof.dr. Gordana Ristovska
    11. ass.dr. Dusan Mihajlovic
    12. ass. Dragan Stojkovic
    13. prof.dr. Zoran Radovic
    14. Milorad Pupovic, associate
    15. prof.dr. Nikola Konjevic
    16. ass. Bratislav Obradovic
    17. ass. Djordje Spasojevic
    18. ass. Tatjana Vukovic
    19. Djordje Stratimirovic, associate
    20. Nikola Zivanovic, associate
    21. prof.dr. Maja Buric
    22. prof.dr. Fedor Herbut

There are only 6 professors and assistants that have refused to sign the support

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