,,Nasa Borba" - "I am Ashamed for Sarajevo"

Thursday, June 20, 1996


"I am Ashamed for Sarajevo"

Belgrade, FoNet. - Michael Steiner, Under-Representative of the High Commissioner of the International Community for Bosnia, stated in yesterday's interview to Sarajevo's [newspaper] "Oslobodjenje" that the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not do anything to protect Serbs who remained in the suburbs of Sarajevo: Ilidza, Vogosca, and Ilijas, reported Radio France International (RFI). In the interview under the title "I am Ashamed of Sarajevo" Steiner said:"What takes place in the areas that the Federation acquired is a disgrace for this city." He specified that the looting and harassment of Sarajevan Serbs continues, while the government ignores his warnings.

Not concealing his frustration and disappointment, Steiner asked openly:"Why are Izetbegovic, reis-ul-ulema Ceric, Premier Muratovic, or Minister of the police, Hebib, silent?", RFI reported in its broadcast in Serbian and Croatian language.

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