Wednesday, June 26, 1996

Karadzic Selects a Lawyer for the Hague

Belgrade, FoNet. - President of Republika Srpska, Radovan Karadzic, empowered yesterday a lawyer from Belgrade, Igor Pantelic to represent him before the Hague Tribunal, and to undertake legal actions in his best interest, reports BKTV.

In his statement for the BKTV, Pantelic answered the question whether his trip to the Hague implies that Karadzic will soon be traveling there as well: "My function is to investigate whether the process so far has been fair and in accordance with law. Depending on my estimate and the relevant facts I intend to acquire in the Hague, we will make a decision on how and in what direction to proceed."

As for the reassessment of the charges against Karadzic that begins tomorrow in the Hague, Pantelic said that it is "a preliminary hearing, based upon the Act 61 of the Rules about the proofs and procedures before the Tribunal. In 'legalese', this is known as the 'voice of the victims.' This name is ironic, when in fact it is all about the attempt of the prosecution to present the evidence so as to dictate the atmosphere and tension in the public," remarked Pantelic.

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