Wednesday, November 1, 1995


Scars of Truth and Lies

By media take-overs at home, this government has lost the media war with the world and in the world, and so will, sooner or later, start behind. How much State media is trusted is best shown by the poll among foreign journalists in Belgrade. "Nasa Borba" most respected and most reliable source of information.



"Nasa Borba" trusted most

On the list of daily and weekly press that foreign journalists use and respect the most as the source of information, first place in the poll by "Medium" Agency was taken by "Nasa Borba." 69% cited our paper as the most reliable source of information, "Vreme" was cited by 35%, "NIN" 31%, and 19% also mentioned "Politika." Several of the gave multiple answers to this question.

With the average grade of 4.29 on a 1-5 scale, "Nasa Borba" is in the lead, follwed by "Vreme" (3.92), "Telegraf" (3.88) and "NIN" 3.84. At the bottom are "Ekspres" and "Novosti", whereas "Politika" is somewhere in the middle.

In final tally, as the researchers of this agency estimated, first two places on the scale of reliability that foreign journalists in Belgrade use are "Nasa Borba" and "Radio B 92". It is interesting that this list does not contain "Borba" at all, a newspaper that, earlier this year, "the State took back to itself and its readers" in the words of their Editor-in-Chief, also Federal Minister of Information of FRY, Dragutin Brcin.

Velimir Ilic

© Yurope & ,,Nasa Borba", 1996 / Translated by Nadija Butimirovic